It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of our singer, Tim Schoorl. He passed away in a Britannia house fire early Monday morning, along with his parents and his dog. We are going to miss him dearly. He was an amazing singer, wonderful band mate, great friend, and an even better person. In his honor we have agreed to keep Otis Strange going. Tim would have wanted that. We will use video footage that we have already shot, pictures, masked singers and possibly animation to finish a video for every song that we recorded with him, and we will use guest singers when we play live. It may take a while to finish all the videos as we have many Otis Strange songs recorded, but this is probably a good thing, and we know Tim will look down on these videos with a beer in his hand and smile. You may see our “Ain’t Slowin’ Down” video circulating facebook with a sponsored message. We put that message up several days before Tim died. We have decided not to change anything about the message because it was something he believed in greatly, and he would have wanted us to keep it as is. If you see it, please enjoy the video and be happy! Tim definitely would have wanted that!

Otis Strange is an original Canadian Rock band that formed in 1992 in Ottawa, Ontario. The name derives from a line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet “O’Tis Strange the night…”

The band hosted a popular house gig at the Downstairs Club in Ottawa for many years in the mid-90’s, eventually moving on to play larger clubs and festivals such as Barrymore’s Music Hall and the Hope Beach Volleyball Tournament. Their catchy, rhythmical and eclectic style of music has roots in various forms of Rock, Blues, Soul R&B, Funk, and Raggae, while also being comfortable jamming it out in similar fashion to the likes of the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers.

By the end of the night they’ll have you drumming on your table, singing their songs and reaching for another beer, guaranteed. To cater to various budgets and needs, the band can play as an acoustic duo, trio or quartet, but mostly they play as an electric quartet because that’s where all the fun is! Guest musicians (harmonica, guitar, keys, percussion, fiddle) can also be added to bring even more excitement!